Use Crowdfunding for Worthy Causes

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How it Works?

Step 2: Branding

Branding is not just a logo. It is an image about you in the minds of prospective donors to your cause. Read More...

Step 4: Raise Fund

Find the cause that moves you. Develop a program to promote the cause. Read More...

You start the process by registering at and creating an account. Use a valid email account to register. The account will be created once the email is verified. An account involves a profile of the registrant, and needs details of a bank account in the registrant's own name. The account becomes operational when the bank account details are verified. Each account can create one or more campaigns. Each campaign will have its own web page, and is accounted separately.


Each campaign page has its unique URL, which you can post to your own website, social media pages and emails. You can generate reports showing details of donations received under each campaign. You can see successful contributions, failed transactions, donor details, etc. You can also put analytics script (from say, Google Analytics) on the campaign page and review reports showing campaign results and more. You can stop any campaign so that further contributions are not accepted for it. The donations received, minus service charges due to payment processors and Contribute.Net, are credited direct to the campaign's bank account. Collapse

Take Advantage of Social Technologies

We found that participants who use social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and WhatsApp communicate with their networks more regularly and send more messages. This resulted in increased fundraising results by up to 40%.

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