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Our Team

ContributeNet.com is created by a technical team with over a decade of experience in International Fundraising providing crowdfunding platforms to charitable organisations and businesses. During this period, the team had the opportunity to become aware of the problems that organisations and individuals face in raising funds for their noble causes. ContributeNet.com is designed to support these organisations and individuals make their campaigns a success.

In addition to providing a platform, we help our clients with tools and advise to make their campaigns a success. We have observed the specific elements that make campaigns successful and make this know-how available to our clients. As you might have guessed, the most critical element for success is a worthy cause presented in a manner that generates credibility.

Once you have such a cause, we will help you get it in front of prospective donors. Each client gets their own page at our site, and advice on how to promote it using social media. Alternatively, clients can have their own full-fledged websites, which too can be promoted similarly.

India has no shortage of worthy causes, starting with the top one of poverty that affects a sizable section of the population. Find one that moves you, develop a feasible solution and start a fund-raising campaign to implement that solution. We are here to support you with a platform that makes it easy for donors to contribute, and advise on how to reach your audience.