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Work for Your Cause, Effectively

Most of us have things we feel strongly about. Many of us are distressed at the poverty and sickness we see all around us. We might also want to help someone who had a serious accident, and has become unable to earn a living.

However, we might not be able to do much to help. We might not know what to do. How can we help in a way that creates some impact? We need to think through and develop a program that can indeed create an impact.

The next stage is organizing the resources needed to implement the program. We need people, we need tools, and so on. And funds are needed to organize these resources. More funds than we can spare from our own earnings – unless we are very rich.

Fund-Raising is no Simple Task

Fund-raising involves a lot of issues. You have to:

  • Develop a workable program to support your cause
  • Convince donors about your genuineness, and the workability of the program
  • Make it easy for donors to make the donations, using different payment options
  • Reach prospective donors to raise the amount needed to implement the program
  • Keep proper accounts of the donors, donations and how the funds were utilized
  • Doing it in a way that is acceptable to everybody, including government
  • Comply with different government regulations dealing with different things

Trying to attend to all these issues on your own is likely to land you in no end of trouble. You could soon find yourself fully occupied with handling these troubles, instead of working for your cause.

The Contributenet Solution

Contributenet allows you to use the power of the Internet and Social Media for fund-raising. You can create an impressive presentation of your cause, and your program, on your own page at Contributenet. You can then create awareness about these among your target prospects using social media and other web page promotional methods.

Contributenet also provides a secure platform for accepting contributions from donors. Donors can make payments using multiple payment options, like credit card, debit card, net banking, etc. The SSL platform encrypts all data so that it cannot be read while passing over the Internet.

Full accounts are maintained about all donations received. Donations are segregated by campaigns so that you will be able to know how much was received for each campaign, if you run multiple campaigns Details of donors are also maintained so that you know from whom funds were received. You can also contact the donors if you want.

We will also help you comply with regulations such as issuing 80G certificates for eligible donations. In short, you can simply focus on spreading the word about your program and implementing the program while we attend to the incidentals that take a lot of time and trouble.

Above all, you receive advice on how to make the campaign a success.

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